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What Our Clients Say About Our Damage Restoration Services

At H&H Exteriors

we consistently receive positive feedback from our property restoration clients. By being receptive to your comments about our services, we gain access to the information we need to improve the way we serve you. Feel free to view our testimonials to learn more.

Brenda B.

Dan Halbach and the team were wonderful to work with. Friendly, helpful and they explained all the steps all the way through the process. The job was completed in a day and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. It looks GREAT!

Paul H.

Dan Halbach of H&H Exteriors worked with my insurance auditor to get my roof replaced at no cost to me. He also provided very fast service we had our roof repaired within 2 business days from the time of insurance approval. I also know Dan personally and I know him to be a trustworthy and upright individual. Also as a fellow Christian brother I know he will treat me right in the future and others as well. I was fully satisfied with the service provided to us. Thank you Dan!!

Linda K.

My house was finally approved late November for hail damage for siding. H & H was able to get there crew there right away and have it torn off and replaced before the big snow storm. I’m very picky on what happens to my house. I heard about H & H thru some guys i work with that had work done by them. They were very pleased with the timeliness and the quality of the work not to mention the quality materials that they used. You hear about all the horror stories of shoddy work and cheap materials but with H & H you get quality material and excellent service and quality workmanship. I give H & H an A+ hopefully if anyone needs work they will contact them.

Kevin Strebe

M&L Marklein LLC, K&K Strebe LLC

I want to take a couple of moments to let all of you know how delighted I am with the work performed re-roofing several of our rental properties this past year.

I really appreciate the dedication to quality workmanship and the use of quality materials as requested. As you may have noticed I’m a bit fussy and felt very good after personally walking the roofs and the grounds below at the completed work sites. I was also impressed to find one of your crew leaders inspecting the completed work and clean-up the night after the re-roof of the 8-unit apartment on Suffolk St.

I am also very impressed by the work ethic of the guys and the speed of which they complete their work. I can’t believe they showed up one mornig at a 2-story 8-unit apartment building, set up, took delivery of materials (part of which was wrong so they had to sort for replacement and hand load onto the roof), remove and replaced all shingles and underlayment and finally clean up the work site … all in only 1-day!

The last thing I would like to recognize is the one-stop-shop capabilities of H & H Exteriors. Whether it be selecting materials, working with the insurance companies on inspection and payment or helping a mortgage holder with release of funds, I didn’t have to do much but be a customer. Thank you.

Jason S.

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I write this review for H&H Exteriors. From initial interactions and introductions until the completion of the product, H&H was nothing less than professional. Working with H&H relieved any anxieties that I may have otherwise had with my roof being replaced. They were informative and walked me through the process each step of the way, answering my questions to the fullest while keeping me in the loop as to what the next steps would be. They assisted me in contacting my insurance company, helping me to answer the questions I otherwise would not have known the answer to. All answers provided were truthful and realistic. After insurance approval for repairs, H&H worked with the insurance company, and arrived on the day they said they would to re-roof my home. My family and I left for the day with the assurance that the roof would be done by end of day. when we arrived back home, they were near completion. The crew worked efficiently and precisely and ensured that any mess made during the project was thoroughly cleaned up. After completion an H&H representative arrived to find out my level of satisfaction and to show me the final project. I have been thoroughly satisfied and have recommended them to several other people who also have been very impressed with the professional, friendly, and trustworthy nature of this company. I can rest easy knowing they are a company with strong values, and are out to help people.

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